A Natural Guide to Workplace Wellness

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Being constantly busy may be the new normal, but feeling stressed shouldn’t. Whether you work in an office, from home, or on the road, workplace stress is a real problem with serious consequences. To help remedy this issue, CHFA has created a simple guide to achieving a healthy and productive day at work. Read More

In This Guide:

NHPs That Boost Productivity

Consider keeping these three productivity-boosting natural health products (NHPs) on hand to maintain your energy levels and help you stay focused. Read More

Combat Stress the Natural Way

To many of us, the words “work” and “stress” are synonymous, and workplace stress can leave us tired and unable to focus. Beat the stress naturally with these three easy tips. Read More

Bring Your Body Back to Life With Movement

Try these easy exercises designed to enhance your mobility in your workspace, improve circulation and increase your alertness. Read More

Pack Snacks for Productivity

Grabbing a healthy snack with complex carbohydrates is a great way to stave off that mid-afternoon rut. Read More

Being Mindful at Work

Practising mindfulness can be a great way to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the daily grind, increase your awareness while decreasing stress levels, and empower you to bring your best, most creative self to your job. Read More