Welcome Spring Naturally

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There are few rites of spring more satisfying than the annual clean. However, many of the products we use while spring cleaning our homes are filled with ingredients that have proven negative long-term effects on our health.

This year, while spring cleaning your home, try these natural alternatives to the chemical-laden cleaning products that are readily available.

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In This Guide:

Recipes for a Truly Green Spring Clean

The cleaning abilities of some common ingredients found in most Canadians’ kitchens are truly astounding. Vinegar, baking soda, coarse salt and olive oil have exceptional antiseptic and antibacterial abilities and when combined in the right amounts,… Read More

Toxic kitchen cleaning products you should avoid

While 74 per cent of Canadians name the kitchen as their top spot for cleaning, only 10 per cent of the ingredients present in common cleaners are fully tested for their health and environmental effects. In fact, an estimated 75,000 different chemical… Read More

What Should You Really Be Spring Cleaning In Your Bathroom?

The first warm days of spring have always been a great time to purge our homes of the winter’s residues and welcome the freshness of the season with a clean, uncluttered living space. To help you along with this year’s spring cleaning, we've identified… Read More

Clean Clothes, Healthy Skin, Happy Family

Did you know that your skin absorbs over 60% of what’s put on it, including chemical residues from detergents? Avoid the chemicals commonly found in detergents and dryer sheets, and opt for these easy to use, cost-effective, natural alternatives. Read More