Top Summer Natural Health Trends

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How can you keep your health ahead of the curve this summer? We reached out to CHFA members and leaders in the natural health industry at this year’s CHFA West trade show, Canada’s largest dedicated to natural health and organics, to find out what the top natural health trends for the season will be. Read More

In This Guide:

Natural Hydration

While water is always a winner, there are several options out there that pack an extra punch of nutrients and functional ingredients. Next time you are in your natural health food store make sure to grab a few of our new favourites, including maple water,… Read More

Natural Summer Skin Care

One of the simplest joys of summer is feeling the warm rays of the sun on our winter-weary skin. Luckily, recent innovations have allowed the development of natural skin care products that naturally and safely protect the skin from UV damage. Read More

Ultimate Summer Supplements

As summer approaches and you pack your winter coat and boots away, it’s a good reminder that your supplement program should also change with the seasons. Read More

Summer Superfoods

Go beyond kale and think of different tasty treats to keep you satisfied this summer, from non-dairy ice creams to alternative snacks like seaweed. Read More

Label Literacy & Product Certifications

First impressions are everything and product labels are ground zero this summer. The going trend has seen consumer demands lead to more product manufacturers investing in the quality and peace of mind that comes withthird-party certification. Read More