Thrive in Five: Your Weekday Guide for an A+ in Back-to-School Wellness

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The back-to-school season has officially begun. To help children start the school year ahead, we are launching "Thrive in Five!" This five-day, holistic approach promotes health and wellness for children to help them thrive as they return to school. Find tips for helping your kids succeed at learning through the first week back, both in school and at home, including healthy eating, physical activity and recommendations for natural health products to optimize their learning. Read More

In This Guide:

Monday: The ABCs of the First Morning Back

The first day back can be daunting, but CHFA is here to help your kids start off the week strong with expert advice for their first morning. Follow these tips to ensure your kids start the new school year energized and alert! Read More

Tuesday: Boost Your Brainpower

Studies have found Tuesday to be the most productive weekday. At CHFA, we encourage everyone to embrace this day of productivity and add some additional steps to boost your brain power. Read More

Wednesday: Build the Momentum

Get over the Wednesday hump with a smile with tips to help your kids stay energized and take on Wednesdays with a skip in their step. Read More

เกมยิงปลาออนไลน์24 ชั่วโมงThursday: Review Your Progress

Throwback your Thursday and reflect on your children’s progress to determine what has been working well, and what needs more focus. Read More

Friday: Get Ready for the Weekend!

TGIF! The school week has come to a close and it’s time to celebrate with some good quality family time. Read More