The Four Pillars of Immune Health

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There’s no better time to start thinking of ways we can ward off sickness and boost our immunity. We identified and shared with Canadians the four pillars of immune health and natural ways to support each one. Read More

In This Guide:


Getting proper nutrition is important all year-round, but especially during cold and flu season when our immune systems are working overtime. That’s why it’s essential to eat a balanced diet rich in healthy and organic whole foods as much as possible,… Read More

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Almost half of Canadians (40 per cent) turn to exercise to improve their well-being when under the weather. Our bodies were designed to move. Modern life may not allow us to stay active all day, but even a little bit of exercise can go a long way in boosting… Read More


It’s easy to feel the physical effects of stress when life throws you off course. Stress can lead to restlessness, lack of sleep, poor diet and anxiety, all of which can have serious implications on our health and happiness. Read More


They say you should always get your beauty rest, but sleep is far more important than just skin deep. When asked, “What do you do to improve your well-being when you are feeling under the weather?”, 76 per cent of Canadians reported sleep as their… Read More