Refresh Your Skin Naturally: Your Skin, Your Story

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Maintaining the health of our skin is essential and takes a holistic skin care approach to promote radiance from the inside, out. Our skin connects us with the outside world and tells the story of our life; we've got some tips to make sure that your skin tells a story of health and wellness.

Michelle W. Book, Holistic Nutritionist, uses a simple, 3-step approach to natural skin care that works great and can actually save you money!

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In This Guide:

Nourish Your Skin From the Inside

Beauty is more than skin deep. In fact, our internal health plays just as important a role in our skin health as what we put on the surface. This is because skin grows fast; really, really fast! Read More

Trendy Tea for Skin

What is the healthiest drink in the world? If you said a€?watera€?, youa€?re almost right. There is a very strong argument to be made that tea could take home that prize. Tea consumption has long been associated with anti-aging and anti-cancer… Read More

Opt for Natural Oils

Natural oils give our skin a radiant glow and supple appearance. Specialized glands in the dermis, called sebaceous glands, are responsible for the production of these oils. These glands are found all over the body, with the exception of our palms and… Read More

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Skin Care Ethics

Many Canadians are becoming increasingly aware of the story behind the products they choose. From food to natural health products, to clothing, ethics are more than ever a top-of-mind ingredient. Read More

Embrace Your Decade

At each life stage, our nutritional needs also shift. Getting the right nutritional balance can help us to enhance overall health and maintain beautiful skin, which really is an outward expression of our health. Read More

DIY Skin Care Recipes

Complement your natural skin care routine with these inexpensive but effective products you can make at home. The ingredients used are all available at your local natural health retailer. Read More