Pamper Your Pet Naturally

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When it comes to optimizing our pets’ health, did you know there are a couple of extra things you can do, in addition to getting them the best food available?

Similar to our human diet, we often find nutritional deficiencies in our pets’ diets. This can cause a variety of problems if not addressed. Even the best pet food will have similar disadvantages because, like humans, our pets are not all the same. Many of the natural health products that you and your family use (like safe and effective vitamin and mineral supplements) can also be found specially-formulated to fit your pet’s unique needs.

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In This Guide:

Exercise For both You and Your Furry Friend

Considering that two of the biggest health concerns for Canadian dogs and cats are joint health and cardiovascular disease (sound familiar?), ensuring regular, adequate exercise is one of the best ways to keep your beloved pet healthy and happy for a… Read More

Do the Diet Right: The Keys to a Healthy Diet for Your Dog or Cat

Increasingly, pet-owners are turning to whole food diets for their pets and noticing a significant improvement in their health, from reduced allergies to a leaner figure. Read More

Natural Ways to Keep Dental Disease in Pets at Bay

Having your pet’s teeth cleaned regularly by a vet is always a good idea; however the anesthesia and stress it can put on your animal can make it an uncomfortable and risky task. To minimize the need for visits to the pet dentist, CHFA has a few simple… Read More

Managing and Preventing Chronic Disease Naturally

All of us want to give our furry family members the best life possible. However, just like with humans, chronic diseases such as cognitive disorders, heart disease, and liver and kidney issues can plague the pet population. Read More