Our Original Organic Recipes

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Every year, we create recipes featuring all-organic ingredients to help you celebrate organic food at home. These recipes are great for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even snacks! Be sure to give them a try. Read More

In This Guide:

Miso Tofu Bites

These are the perfect little bite size appetizer to share with friends and family while you are finishing up dinner preparations. You can easily double the recipe to make enough for a crowd. Read More

Sweet Potato Kale Sheet Pan Dinner

This contrast of textures is a party in your mouth and offers up the warm colours of fall but easily enjoyed year round. The lemony kale is a perfect marriage with the turmeric scented sweet potato. Read More

Jicama and Carrot Julienne Salad

Look for jicama year round and choose a smaller sized one for added sweetness and crunch. This salad is perfect to add to family meals or potlucks when a new fresh salad idea is requested. Simple and crunchy this refreshing salad goes with any meal. Read More

Sweet Potato Jerky

These organic sweet potato jerky strips are easy to make, simple to store and packed with beta-carotene, fibre and vitamins. Read More

Matcha Almond Butter Cups

A comforting, guilt-free snack option using all organic ingredients that bursts with velvety, exquisite flavour. Read More

Bulletproof Lavender Chai Latte

This smooth, satisfying treat infused with lavender and cinnamon brings out the spicy and full?aromas of fall. Read More

Apple Pie Buckwheat Oats

A hearty, comforting and guilt free breakfast with lots of classic fall apple dessert flavour. Read More

Carrot Cake Smoothie Bowl

Have dessert first! This creamy and satisfying smoothie has lots of tangy natural sweetness and spiced aromas of fall. Read More

Savoury Egg Pancakes

These easy and satisfying savoury pancakes are quick to reheat in the toaster and are packed with protein, fibre and omega-3 fatty acids. Try it in a wrap or with a salad for a light lunch. Read More

Layered Citrus Beet and Freekeh Salad

This warm and hearty salad is bursting with flavour and colour. Freekeh wheat is a cracked young green wheat with a delicious nutty taste. It’s high in fibre and prebiotic properties with a low glycemic index. Substitute with quinoa or buckwheat for… Read More

Arugula Pesto Spaghetti Squash

This flavour packed, hearty recipe is an easy crowd pleaser. For extra protein try adding cooked turkey breast. Read More

No Bake Apple Pear Crisp

A guilt free, quick and easy anytime dessert. Also delicious as a breakfast topping over yogurt or oatmeal. Read More