Myths and Misconceptions About NHPs

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We commissioned a national survey on popular natural health claims to see if Canadians can distinguish fact from fiction. We asked 1,500 Canadians from coast to coast 15 true-or-false questions to test their knowledge, with surprising results! Read More

In This Guide:

The Buzz About Honey

Did you know that honey is the only edible substance on Earth that never expires? See what other amazing properties honey contains. Read More

When Fibre Falls Short

Understanding its sources can be a key factor when increasing intake. Read More

เกมยิงปลาออนไลน์24 ชั่วโมงProbiotics and Prevention

Probiotics are finding new applications in mental health, immune system support, and skin health. Read More

Tea Demystified

This ancient beverage can do far more than just hydrate. Read More

Secrets of the Sunshine Vitamin (D)

The actual amount of vitamin D in many whole foods varies dramatically, making it difficult for Canadians to reach their recommended dosage of this vital nutrient. Read More

Bacteria, They Aren’t All Bad

The term “probiotic” refers to living microorganisms (bacteria) that provide a health benefit when taken at sufficient doses. Read More

NHPs and Evidence

Before ending up in the hands of consumers, these products are assessed and licensed by Health Canada. Read More

เกมยิงปลาออนไลน์24 ชั่วโมง

Calcium, Beyond Bone Health

Calcium is not just for bones. This mineral plays an important role in your health, but is also a mineral that many Canadians just don't get enough of. Read More

Sleep and the Power of Protein

A recent study found that men who were actively weight training had more muscle gains when they took a powdered protein supplement before going to sleep. Read More

Kick Up Your Performance with Caffeine

Caffeine is often considered a vice and our findings reveal that most Canadians still think the only benefit of this stimulant is that it wakes us up in the morning. Read More

The Gut Brain Connection

The gut has an amazing “second brain” — an intricate network of neurons that communicates with our brain. Read More

There is a Multi for Everyone

Many Canadians struggle to meet their nutritional needs through diet alone — a multivitamin is a safe and effective way to bridge that nutritional gap. Read More

The Benefits of Going Organic

The media are full of mixed messages about the benefits of choosing certified organic foods. Read More

Go Organic For the Greater Good

Going organic allows you to help our environment while also choosing great-tasting, healthy food for you and your family. Read More

Vitamin C and the Common Cold

Vitamin C has long been touted as a cure-all for the immune system, but Canadians just can’t seem to get the facts straight. Read More