Top Five Natural Health Trends for 2017


As we embark on a new year, Canadians are curious to know what foods, supplements and products will be on everyone’s radar in 2017.

With an eye on the year ahead, we're sharing the scoop from industry insiders to identify the top five natural health trends of 2017.

These trends pack a punch of holistic health benefits and, best of all, they’re simple to integrate into your daily lifestyle for a happy and healthy year!

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In This Guide:


For a food that grows in the shadows, mushrooms are about to enjoy some well-deserved time in the spotlight. Read More

Sprout for Your Health

Canadians are increasingly interested in three key things: local food, healthy food and DIY food! Sprouting ticks all of these boxes, not to mention it’s easy and affordable. Read More

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Digestive Enzyme Supplements: Going Beyond Probiotics

If you’re looking to give your gut health an added boost in 2017, many experts are recommending that Canadians go beyond probiotics with digestive enzymes. Read More

Plant-Based Dairy Alternatives

2016 saw the rise in excitement around vegan and raw menu options. With this has come a boom in plant-based alternatives to common dairy products. Read More

Smart Carb Options

With the rise of diabetes, the boom of the gluten-free trend, and an increasing link between refined sugar and chronic disease, more and more Canadians are looking for alternative and “smarter” carb options. Read More