Top Five Natural Health Trends for 2016

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The New Year has arrived and we want to help you stay ahead of the health curve with the latest natural health trends. We spoke to industry insiders across the country to find out what Canadians should be looking for in health food stores in 2016. Here are the top five trends that have natural health experts buzzing. Read More

In This Guide:

Sea Greens: Is Kelp the New Kale?

What makes sea greens so trendy? Sea vegetables are virtually fat-free, low in calories but rich in minerals, vitamins, chlorophyll, enzymes and trace minerals, nutritional benefits that land vegetables lack due to soil demineralization. Read More

Vitamin C and D

Supplementing with vitamin C and D has long been considered an easy way to add some sunshine to your health, especially during our long Canadian winters. Read More

Sweet and Savoury Treats with a Health Kick

Everyone loves to indulge, especially during the holidays and winter season. But what if you could satisfy those sweet and salty cravings with food that also includes a nutritional kick? Read More

2016 Superfood: Hemp

Hemp is one of the most versatile natural products on Earth. The seed is super nutritious, but the fibre from the stalk and leaves are also incredibly good for you. Read More

Fibre is the New "Protein"

We already know that fibre is good for intestinal health, but did you know that an increase in fibre intake can help maintain weight better than a restrictive diet plan? Read More